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our philosophy

Less is more

The bite should not get stuck in the throat out of a guilty conscience.

No frills good honest food - like in grandmother's time. Process products from your own garden. It is a good feeling,  Harvesting vegetables and salads from your own garden and surprising your guests with them.   

Our food should stand up to a second glance. We don't want to see any exotic products on our plates, which are produced using questionable methods and carted halfway around the world. The conscious renunciation of certain foods forces a certain simplicity that frees – from excess and boredom!

Our suppliers

Salsiz, Coppa, Bündnerfleisch, Taminatal smoked meat, farmer's sausages, boiled sausages

Störmetzgerei Pfäfers , Karl Schmid and Thomas Spitz, Auserdorfstr.

Capuns, Bündner nut cake
Anna Schneller, Bio Hof, 7015 Tamins

mountain cheese
Silvia and Peter Meyer, 8835 Feusisberg

Organic alpine macarons
Pasta Bonetti, 7310 Bad Ragaz

Free range eggs from our own chickens

Lettuce, vegetables & herbs - as far as possible from our garden

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