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Peter A. Dettling

Peter A. Dettling

nature photographer

Ever since he was a child, Peter Dettling has been fascinated by nature and people who devote their lives to nature conservation. The artist hopes that his images and texts can help to improve the battered relationship between man and nature.

biker netzwerk

biker network


Only the greatest connoisseurs get this trophy: Anyone who reaches one of the participating mountain inns by e-bike receives a stamp there. Anyone who has collected four stamps can look forward to a small gift basket with specialties from Heidiland.

Manuela Hundewalk.PNG

Manuela's dog walk

dog sitting

My name is Manuela Hauser and I have fulfilled a long-cherished dream with the dog care "Hundewalk".
Even as a small child, I was magically attracted to dogs, these wonderful four-legged friends who carry such a powerful character of loyalty, freedom of soul and a lot of energy from real nature and love. 


outdoor active


Discover and plan tours all over the world.

Use high-quality, accurate outdoor maps.

Find suitable accommodation, huts, excursion destinations and events.



holiday region

Visit Heidiland, the holiday region with a focus on Bad Ragaz, Taminatal, Kunkels, Pizol, Sargans / Wartau, Mels / Weisstannental, Flumserberge, Kerenzerberg, Walensee, Amden / Weesen.

offizin parnasia

Office Parnassia

book printing

We produce beautiful books and prints using traditional craftsmanship in a dignified, classic or creative design on selected and special materials.

SAC Ringelspitzhütte



The Ringelspitzhütte is located at 2000 m above sea level. above the Kunkelspass in Tamins GR. The hut is marked from Tamins or Vättis
Easily accessible hiking trails, about 3 hours from the Eggwald mountain restaurant.

SAC Sardonahütte

Sardona Hut


The Sardonahütte is at the very back of the Calfeisental, below the Sardona glacier and surrounded by the highest St. Gallen mountains!

Patrick Keller

mountain guide

My goal is you  to experience the fascinating and unique impressions of the mountain world! I would like to make it easier for you to get started with the various branches of mountaineering and climbing.

wildtierschutz schweiz

Wildlife protection Switzerland


We are committed people who want to maintain respect for nature and its beauties. We want treating nature with care to be a human duty.


Group Wolf Switzerland


The Wolf Schweiz (GWS) group is committed to enabling people and large native carnivores to live together in Switzerland. 




People should love and respect nature and live with it in harmony and balance and as part of it. Nature in all its diversity and characteristics forms the habitat ....

tier im recht

For the animal in the right

Foundation, endowment

Tier im Recht (TIR) has been campaigning for strong legal protection of animals since 1996. The main purpose of all activities of TIR is the continuous improvement of the human-animal relationship in law, ethics and society.


Bedouin Night Camp

Welcome to Wadi Rum

- Camping

- Jeep Tour

- Camel Rides

- Hikking

- Advetures

Mohammad AB Al Zalabieh

Mobile: 00962770185954


The mountain will move you
with its great splendour,
Blessings flow from the clear sky,
who gently caresses the feelings.

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